I miss Bobby Long…..

On Tuesday morning I scrolled through my list of artists/bands and when I saw Bobby Long’s name I realized something…..I missed his voice.

Not that he’s completely disappeared, he’s actively on twitter posting random things, his tour with Steve Winwood and even said his new cd was being mastered. I went through my entire Bobby collection starting with his VERY first CD (pre ATO), first CD with ATO – A Winter’s Tale, some live tracks from Daytrotter and finally last EP ‘Backing Singer’.

Then I remembered he tweeted a few new songs from his upcoming cd!!!!

Listen: Bobby Long – Something’s Gonna Get You

After listening to that track I realized I NEED some Bobby!! I need another crazy day at Leno, then a show afterwards. I miss gathering with friends and watch the man and his guitar take the stage.

I know he’ll be back to LA soon and I can’t wait!

I know I can’t be the only one that misses him……right?

Website: http://www.bobbylong.info/

Twitter: @BobbyLongNews

About bbwraven

I'm your typical accounting clerk by day and I'm a writer/blogger and music h00r by night. I love rock music and feel if I don't attend at least 3 shows a week something is seriously wrong.

7 thoughts on “I miss Bobby Long…..

  1. You are NOT alone!! I miss him too!! Can’t wait to see him in LA with you & the other girlies again!! Leno would be awesome too!! Miss and Love you!!

  2. Sitatara says:

    Something’s Gonna Get You isn’t on the upcoming CD. He said none of the songs of the week that were posted on soundcloud are. They’re just random songs that didn’t make the final cut. I believe “I Will Help You Mend” is the only one off the upcoming CD that has been performed so far.

  3. Sheila says:

    We’ll make a party of it when he comes back Tammy😉

  4. […] last week I wrote a blog about missing Bobby Long and now I feel like I’m being reconnected with him but on a deeper level. Late, last year […]

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